K2r Stain Remover Spray is recommended for removing oil-based food stains and everyday dirt and grime from clothing and upholstery. K2r Oven and Microwave Cleaner is non- caustic, therefore more user and environmentally friendly. K2r Rust Remover for clothes, fabric and textiles, washable and non-washable has replaced rust removal product, Rustiban.

K2r – A Brief History

The K2r group of companies was founded in 1925 in Vienna, Austria.

In 1948 the Swiss company Iromedica AG and K2r Produkte AG were merged in St Gallen.

Today the total turnover in Swiss Francs is 100.000.000 which is split into 50% for the K2r cleaning products and 50% for the pharmaceutical division.

In 1958 the innovative K2r Stain Remover Spray was launched. The brand name “K2r” is derived from the following story: the Italian inventor was a mountain-climbing fanatic. At the time a crew of Italian and Swiss mountaineers were climbing the mountain known as K2 in the Himalayas. He began his research and development with K2a, then K2b, K2c etc. When he arrived at K2r he was satisfied that this was the best formula.

Thus the “World’s Leading Stain Remover” for dry-cleanable fabrics came into existence.