Stain & Rust Remover Products

K2r Stain Remover Spray is recommended for removing oil-based food stains and everyday dirt and grime from clothing and upholstery. K2r Oven and Microwave Cleaner is non- caustic, therefore more user and environmentally friendly. K2r Rust Remover for clothes, fabric and textiles, washable and non-washable has replaced rust removal product, Rustiban.

K2r cleaning & rust removal products are available in Australia from Mitre 10 stores, Electrolux stores and dealerships, and most independent hardware stores including, Home Hardware, True Value, Thrifty Link and Magnet Mart (Canberra).

If your local hardware store doesn't have a K2r cleaning or non-caustic oven cleaner product in stock, ask them to order it from G&L Wholesalers Pty Ltd
K2r Stain Remover Spray

clothes & upholstery stain remover spray
K2r Non-Caustic Oven Cleaner

oven & microwave cleaner
K2r Non-Caustic Barbecue Cleaner

Non-Caustic Barbecue Cleaner
K2r Rust and Deodorant Stain Remover

rust remover for stains & clothes