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Make cleaning easy in Australia

Don’t waste countless hours removing tough stains, grime and build-up with a cleaner that doesn’t get the job done. K2r has created an exciting range of cleaners that combat harsh stains with ease. From oven cleaner to rust remover, and our convenient  stain remover  spray that removes oil based food stains and everyday dirt and grime from clothing, textile and upholstery, our premium cleaning solutions make cleaning a breeze. Available in hardware stores across Australia, find out more about K2r today.


Premium cleaning products in Australia

For a fast and easy way to remove stubborn stains, get in touch with the team at K2r. Featured in many popular videos and radio advertisements and 100% Australian made, people across Australia have experienced the K2r difference. For quality cleaning products that get the job done fast, get in touch with the experts at K2r.

Our experience

With over 14 years experience in stain removal, we’re experts in premium cleaning products. We’ve developed high performing stain removers, oven cleaners, barbeque cleaners and rust removers that can beat the toughest of stains.

Easy to use 

No matter your age or cleaning experience, we make cleaning a breeze. All of our cleaning products are easy to use and include straightforward instructions to reduce the overall time spent cleaning, allowing you to enjoy more important things.
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