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Make cleaning easy in Australia

Don’t waste countless hours removing tough stains, grime and build-up with a cleaner that doesn’t get the job done. K2r has created an exciting range of cleaners that combat harsh stains with ease. From oven cleaner to rust remover, and our convenient  stain remover  spray that removes oil based food stains and everyday dirt and grime from clothing, textile and upholstery, our premium cleaning solutions make cleaning a breeze. Available in hardware stores across Australia, find out more about K2r today.


From: Simon Stevenson co-host with Luke Bono on the Home Improvement Show on 2GB.
Saturday and Sunday Mornings from 9.00am to 11am. 
I recently used K2r for the first time after a caller on my Home Improvement Show recommended I try it. 
I was absolutely blown away at how well it worked and how easy it was to use!
Great product!
I won't ever use anything else.
Work done by cleaning product
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